Archaeological explorations at Izat-kuli

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dc.identifier.citation ISIMU 16 (2013): 113-120 es_ES
dc.identifier.issn 1575-3492 es_ES
dc.description.abstract Izat-kuli is located 21 km to the southwest of the modern settlement Madau (Kizyl-Etrek region, Turkmenistan). Izat-kuli settlement is limited from all sides by banks of ancient canals, beyond which is takyr. In the prospecting shaft number 1, nine stratigraphical horizons, two building periods and three periods of occupation are revealed. The thickness of cultural layers measures up 8,75 m. Pottery assemblages of the 1st and 2nd occupation periods of Izat-kuli should be referred to the Early Iron Age I of Iran, i.e. 1300/1250 - 1000 B.C. since the vessels of these complexes find parallels in the Sumbar culture, Sialk A, Kaitariya, Khurvin, Marlik-tepe. The 3rd occupation period’s ceramic assemblage of Izat-kuli finds direct analogies in the complexes of Early Iron Age II of Iran – Sialk B, Tyureng-tepe dated from 1000-800/750 B.C. In the prospecting shaft number 2, which thickness of archaeological layers is 3 m, building remains are not found. The prospecting shaft number 3 archaeological layers’ thickness reaches 4,95 m. In its upper layers there is revealed a building period applying to the top building horizon of settlement which corresponds to the excavated living and economic complexes. The received results of stratigraphical explorations allow to judge dynamics of development of Izat-kuli settlement and its long existence. Stratigraphical researches on Madaudepe, the settlements of Benguvan oasis, Tilkidepe, Chyglykdepe, Tangsikylja, Izat-kuli have established that the archaeological layers containing pottery of Archaic Dakhistan culture lay directly on the ancient delta deposits of Sumbar and Atrek rivers. No saline delta deposits were apparently an ancient surface on which people settled down at the end of the II millennium B.C. A dense irrigation system promoted development of agriculture. On the investigated plain there is a large massif of the ancient irrigated lands testifying to the high level of development of the ancient farming culture en_US
dc.description.abstract Изат-кули находится в 21 км к юго-западу от современного селения Мадау (Кизыл-Этрекский район, Туркменистан). Для определения динамики роста поселения Изат-кули было заложено три стратиграфических шурфа - № 1, № 2 и № 3. Во всех трёх шурфах на материковом слое (речной аллювий) лежат культурные слои, относящиеся к культуре архаического Дахистана и свидетельствующие о единовременности заселения поселения Изат-кули. Керамических комплексы I и II периодов обживания Изат-кули следует относить к ЖВ I Ирана, т.е. 1300/1250 – 1000 гг. до н.э. Керамический комплекс III периода обживания Изат-кули находит прямые аналогии в комплексах ЖВ II Ирана 1000-800/750 гг. до н.э.
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dc.publisher Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Centro Superior de Estudios de Oriente Próximo y Egiptología es_ES
dc.relation.ispartof ISIMU: Revista sobre Oriente Próximo y Egipto en la antigüedad es_ES
dc.subject.other Izat-kuli es_ES
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dc.subject.other Archaic Dakhistan Culture en_US
dc.subject.other Stratigraphical Horizons en_US
dc.subject.other Building Periods en_US
dc.subject.other Occupation Periods en_US
dc.subject.other Ceramic Assemblage en_US
dc.subject.other Early Iron Age I en_US
dc.subject.other Early Iron Age II en_US
dc.subject.other Irrigation System en_US
dc.subject.other Development of Agriculture en_US
dc.title Archaeological explorations at Izat-kuli en_US
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